"Julekalenderen" i bronzealderens helleristningsskibe:


The bronce age calender around xmass is seen partly here from Fiskeby in Sweden and is a mythological petroglyph counting 10 weeks around vinter solstice. The giant stands in the 2 last week of todays year, means the week with solstice in winther and new year. The autum ship (calender) includes 23. january after which date the winther ship starts and ends at eqinox week, after which the new year starts with the spring ship lasting 13 weeks. In Fossum, Sweden is found a calender which shows the whole year exept the xmass time (-calender). The 2 giants found in the myth are equal to the tweens in the sky and the winther giant still used as father winther or santa and is bound to earth (Pollux)

Jul (or hjul) means wheel or cirkle of the year